966K Wheel Loader -- Setting New Standards in Heavy Equipment

Designed to improve operator performance and productivity while meeting Tier 4 Interim / Stage 111B emission standards, the Performance Bucket Series enhance visibility and decrease cycle times. The reliability, durability and versatility of the 966K result in a machine that is better built to meet customer needs. 

The K Series TM features many of the components designed and proven reliable over generations of product design.  The frame is designed to provide a rugged and reliable foundation that improves stability, performance and serviceability.  The front axle is rigidly mounted to the frame in order to hold up to the internal torque load while continuing to support the wheel loader.  The rear axle provides stability by oscillating and thereby ensuring all four wheels keep on the ground even in rugged surroundings. For the working K Series many bucket styles are available.  Each bucket style is available with either pin on or quick coupler interface. The Fusion TM  Coupler System sits away and close-in to the loader arms.  This patented wheel loader coupler system reduces offset and increases the Wheel Loaders performance. Moreover this system moves the center of gravity inward towards the machine; which means increased lifting ability in comparison to other machine coupler systems.

Notice the open coupler frame design on the 966k Wheel Loader.  This open coupler frame design creates a clear sight line for the operator.  The clear sight line makes for easy engagement / disengagement of attachments.


Adapted from:  966K - Wheel Loaders - Caterpillar Inc.  at www. cat.com