American President Lines (APL): A Leader in Container Shipping


American President Lines (APL): A Leader in Container Shipping


American President Lines (APL) began in 1867 as the Pacific Mail Steamship Company serving the ports of Hong Kong and Yokohama.   We have Malcom McLean to thank for this idea of putting trucking containers on board his ship the Ideal X (Newark, New Jersey) in 1956 and so ushering in the age of containerization. It was W. Bruce Seaton’s that was critical to APL’ status as the sixth largest container shipping line in the world; serving 25,000 locations worldwide stopping in 140 Countries today. It is Seaton who realized that when APL fully used all the current technology available to the Container Industry, he could build a system that spanned freight transport from truck, to train, to ship.  Connecting these three dominant freight hauling systems could move freight from manufacture to supplier to consumer with the most significant savings possible.  

Seaton drove containerization into what we call intermodal freight.  This translation moved APL to its recent container fleet of more than 1 million.  These include: Standard Container - 20’, 40’ Standard Steel Container- 40’, 45’, 48’, 53’ High Cube Steel Container, Climate-controlled - 20’ Stainless Steel Reefer, 40’ High Cube Stainless Steel Reefer,  40’ High Cube Aluminum Reefer , Special - 20’, 40’ Open Top Container, 20’, 40’ Collapsible Flat Rack Container. 

In 1961, the American Standards Association set the length of containers at 40 ft. with a height of 8 feet.  APL in the mid 2000’s commissioned Tonkin Replicas to produce this standard 40 ft. container based on this 40 ft. container display.  The success of our 40 ft. intermodal container led to the production of our APL Refer Containers in 1:53 scale, 1:64 scale and 1:87 scale.   

Tonkin Replicas manufactures scale model trucks that are custom decorated in three scales, we also build intermodal carriers for major global shipping and logistic companies. 

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Brand specific details 
OEM certification 
Custom graphics 
Opening hood 
Opening doors                                                                  
Steering front axle 
Opening hood 
Accessible interior

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