Rolling out of Cherryville, NC to Jackville FL Carolina Freight’s first twin-trailer was a 45’ beauty of a truck.  The advantages of a twin- trailer over the single trailer included more loading space and easier delivery with a significant fuel – labor cost.  One of the only difficulties for the driver was learning to back the twin 45’ foot rig up.   



The decades leading up to advanced  twin-trailer leaving from Cherryville included the company’s hard fought battle for a freight route that in the tumultuous 1940’s included terminals in Baltimore – PA, Chester, PA, Hartsville SC, Jersey City, New Cumberland, New York, Pawtucket – RI, Providence –RI.  This irregular route brought the Carolina Freight Corporation from the Eastern part to the Southern part of the US. 

 In the 1950, Carolina Freight established its first Florida terminal and began to haul orange juice to New York. Hauling anything made from oranges was quite a feat as before the trucking industry was established oranges were a rare commodity item to vast parts of the US consumer market.  Many recalled a time when oranges were a treat available only at special occasions such as Christmas.   Then in 1951, Carolina built its second Florida Terminal in Orlando and began to haul equipment to Cape Canaveral for NASA

Also in 1951, with safety and good driving as their motto Carolina Freight began to grow while drivers were logging in millions of miles accident free.  In addition to numerous awards for safe driving, Carolina Freight also won its share of awards in North Carolina Motor Carriers Association’s Annual State Truck Rodeo Competition including first place. 

Carolina Freight Corporation kept a keen interest in growing, adapting to changing market conditions and new ways of hauling freight from the newly built Cherryville terminal through the 1970’s. By 1974 Carolina Freight Corporation made its newest acquisition – Leonard Express marking 65 very happy years in hauling freight.

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