Early CAD of Tonkin Replicas’ Cat Model 988k

This was the early (not final) CAD that shows you how will build the Cat model 988k. Each color represents a different part. We're sure that most know that CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.  Using CAD rather than working from drawing we have reduced production time as any changes to the design we've created can be done much more quickly and efficiently.  Another important feature of our CAD design photo is the very professional - polished look.  It shows how the released 988k will appear when it is finished in production. CAD allows our engineers to see the design from long distance as well as close-up.  Also it allows any changes to the design to be catalogued in the computer, which keeps all the values constant.  At Tonkin Replicas we strive to build the most accurate replicas possible and CAD is one of the many tools we use to achieve our goal.