Mark Kulak - April 2014 Collector's Edition

Mark Kulak ---  Mark is one of the Collectors’ we asked in March 2012 to review Tonkin Replicas’ venture into Social Media and the diecastcollecting.com website.   Of course long before March 2012, Mark collected Tonkin Replicas diecast scale models… practically speaking Mark's history goes back to the beginning of Tonkin’s brand.  Why back in May of 2012, Mark wrote on our (then new) Facebook page “Yup, that’s 1/87 by looking at the tires.  I can’t wait to add some of these, and I’m not even a Freightliner guy …. “   Everyone knows that Mark’s favorite scale is 1/87.  Mark has several 1/87 scale model groups that he participants in.  For our April 2014 Collector’s Edition, he sent in just some of his most popular 1/87 from his vast collection…  First we have the Cow Truck… "This is a TON cab that i took off and built a new frame for using other parts. The trailer is from a friend and I had to assemble it and then painted some of the parts to match the truck. IT is a 53 foot spread axle cow trailer." 


Is a TON T800 that i built a new frame for and used one of my trailer kits for a trailer, everything is painted purple with ream colored stripes. The loader is a great TONKIN model."


This started as TON W900 that i made a new sleeper for and custom painted in red and white. The trailer was a TON lowbed that i changed into a double drop spread axle style with lots of work. "


This shows more of my models in a line up. These have been completed in the last few months for my own collection."


This was a TON model done by Trucks N Stuff. I removed the truck frame and built a brand new longer frame painted black to match with new tanks fenders, and wheels. I made the stacks out of aluminum and added a new grill, visor, and bumper as well. the trailer i made a new spread axle suspension for it with quarter fenders cut off TON trucks and new wheels. I also added a lot of lights as well."

Thanks Mark ... for sharing some of your legendary Tonkin Replicas' 1/87 Trucks with us... we appreciate it:)