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Sotreq - CAT Dealers in Brazil

Sotreq is the one of the largest CAT dealers in Brazil, we were here consulting them on CAT equipment as our focus is always on OEM dealers and their dealer base their feedback is important to us when it comes to developing scale models. We are sensitive to different local market needs and try to market accordingly

Tonkin Replicas in São Paulo Brazil .... Amazing


Paccar’s DAF Trucks located in São Paulo Brazil is a global truck manufacturer that will soon be offering quality leader trucks to customers in South America.

DAF Trucks is a manufacturer's success and rapid growth in Europe, North America and Asia. The DAF is part of PACCAR, a global technology leader in the areas of design, manufacture and customer support in the truck segment first line of bearings light, medium and heavy under the brands DAF, Kenworth and Peterbilt.

ATA's 2012 Management Conferece & Exhibition - Oct 7-10 Las Vegas


Tonkin Replica’s own Ron McCall is at the  Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino |  Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct 7th – 10th for the American Trucking Association Conference.  

XL W900L - Classic - Timeless Design


You start with a true classic – timeless heavy truck design.  Then add details like our replica shown here that uses a new marker light we previously had never used before.  Of course adding marker lights is one of the most popular ways to add lights to a truck.

To top things off, from the front of our W900L replica you can see the attention to detail that is a hallmark of Tonkin Replicas’ scale models from the square headlights to the chrome grill and flat windshield our replica stands above the crowd.

Alliance Truck Parts Coronado at Michigan International Speedway


Daimler and Alliance Truck Parts launched the new Coronado SC at Michigan International Speedway June 16th, 2012.  We  built 72 of these Coronado SC with Racing Trailer  using the “test shot” so really not even the first production run from the final hardened tool. This is the first production run of the new cab and trailer. 

Kenworth T680 - Awesome Design Produced for the Driver’s Advantage


Tonkin Replicas newest Kenworth T680 shows all the high aerodynamic capacity of this awesome new KW Truck.  It’s all in the details from the way the hood flows into the body, to the large wind shield that provides a dramatically increased visibility and sight line, our latest replica has it all

CAT Training in China......


Here’s four of our staff attending online/web phone training in our design center in China.  We had the same training by CAT in Seattle.  CAT adapted the training to Chinese for the China staff, English obviously for the Seattle guys…  This kind of global training is pretty unique to us as we are the only ones in the US that have this kind of global presence.  


Peterbilt - It's all in the details....


Excellence in detail is what makes Tonkin Replica’s Peterbilt  the industry standard in scale model replicas.


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