New 1/50 Construction Line: High Standards of Quality, Reliability and Excellence

Tonkin Replicas presents  new Cat® scale models in  the medium wheel loader catergory  at 1:50 scale.  We first launched our 988k wheel loader in 1/50 scale at the 2013 50th Anniveristy in Munich Germany for the Bauma 2013 convention. This debut was significant as 2013 commemorated the 50th anniversity of the 1/1 working 988k in 1963.

Tonkin's new 1/50 scale 988K is approx. 10" long.  Along with the 988K we will also soon have on the market the 950K, 966K and the 972K.  These Medium Wheel Loaders are all approx. 7" long in 1/50 scale.  

All of these new Medium Wheel Loaders are built primarily of quaility metal componets.  Why?  Because at Tonkin Replicas we aim to impress and to exceed even our high standards of quality, reliability and excellence: We have a longstanding reputation in the Diecast Scale Model  Industry built on the workmanship of our custom diecast models and so are well regarded and will remain so for a long time.