New Tri-Axle Western Star Announced!

Using the existing PEM 1:64 scale Western Star 4900FA, Tonkin Replicas is in the early stages of building a new tri-axle frame to fit the existing cab body. And for the first time ever, we invite you, the collector, to be involved in the process. Shown here are the first PRO-E files that show the shape and different parts (different color = different part). Comments on the design can be emailed here. Any comments submitted by July 5th, 2008 will be considered.

Being the first PRO-E, there are some issues we are aware of- such as the fact that a logging style of headache rack would not be a common item. However we welcome all comments whether they are "obvious," "simple observations" or merely "recommendations." We can't incorporate everything, but we will take all comments into consideration. Naturally there are restrictions- the most important being Tonkin Replicas is working with a number of existing parts, primarily the cab and cab interior.

Based on demand for a good 1:64 scale heavy haul unit, the Western Star 4900 was a natural unit to adapt to this frame. Known for being a rugged cab well suited for heavy equipment, the longer wheel frame was chosen to develop future flexibility for additional options downstream.

In addition to physical comments, suggestions as to what fleets might be appropriate (we have some in mind) are encouraged.