Paul Brandt Q&A

After recently completing a production run of Precision Series Peterbilt Model 379x trucks for Paul Brandt Trucking in Canada (http://www.brandttruck.com/) we sat down with them for a little Q&A. Here are the results of the interview.

  1. Why did you decide use our product for the Promotion?
    I am a collector of diecast models, and in my opinion Tonkin models offer the best quality and attention to detail. These are attributes that I aspire to in my business. When I was spec'ing the model for our company, Libby Johnson, I was interested in recreating our trucks very accurately. We went over the spec many times, I spent almost as much time on this order as when I am ordering 1:1 scale trucks. I had high expectations, however the final product exceeded my expectations!
  2. Are they available to the collectors through your company?
    Yes, a limited number will be available through our company.
  3. How did you hear about Tonkin Replicas?
    I collect diecast models.
  4. Background history of your company.
    My father (Paul Brandt) started hauling logs in Northern Ontario in the 1960's. In 1970 he started hauling agricultural products into the northern states, and western Canada using the name "Paul Brandt Trucking". In the late 1980's the business began to diversify, and expand. Today Paul Brandt Trucking Ltd. operates 60 trucks. Dad passed away suddenly on June 19, 2006. He knew each of our employees, and their families, by name. We attached plaques to the models that we presented to our employees. These plaques were personalized for each employee in memory of our father.
  5. Primary customer base of PB (Grocery Stores, ECT…).
    Food processors, fresh food wholesalers, grocery chains.
  6. Do you primarily use Peterbilts or do you have any other trucks in your fleet?
    90% of our trucks are Peterbilt.
  7. The history behind the friendship that the company has with country singer, Paul Brandt.
    The entertainer Paul Brandt is the most awarded Male Country artist in Canadian history. In 1997 Paul Brandt Trucking Ltd. sponsored a concert at the Morris Stampede, where Paul Brandt (the entertainer) was performing. The two Paul Brandts met at this time. This is when the relationship began between the country music star, and the Brandt family from Morris Manitoba. In 2003 I got a call from Nashville, informing me that Paul Brandt was doing a remake of the C.W. McAll song "Convoy". He was planning to shoot a music video for the song, and would need some big rigs for the video. The video would be even more realistic, if the truck that Paul would be filmed in had the name "Paul Brandt Trucking" on it. The video was filmed in 2004, we were able to oblige the request with a brand new black sable Peterbilt 379, and a matching black trailer. Since then our trucks have appeared in two more of Paul's videos, entitled "Alberta Bound", and "A Gift". The business relationship has evolved into a friendship between the two Brandt families.
  8. Do you have a scale model truck collection? If so can you tell us about it?
    I have approximately 150 pieces in my diecast collection, mostly trucks. I have some farm equipment, and some construction equipment. I am now limiting my collecting to mostly 1:53 scale trucks, but also the occasional 1:64 scale truck. Tonkin is my preferred manufacturer.