Roshann's 2012 Favorites


Today we are featuring the favorite fan picks of 2012 from the personal collection of Roshann Black.  As most of us know, Roshann mainly collects our 1:53 models and is a collector of our replicas forever… well maybe not forever but for so long it is hard to say when he wasn’t interested in our scale model replicas….

We featured his picks last year in 2011, this year Roshann told us that he thought our best “this year would be the Intermodal, Belly Dumps, and Race Car Hauler. “  Roshann selected these new additions to Tonkin's line up because…” These are models that have not been done and you guys are the ones that did them first”.  Not only did we produce these models first but he writes we “also offered in various scales.”

Roshann also sent us photos from his vast private collection.  We are so pleased to post  these winning photos: starting with a dark blue Normandin. We know that he really likes this replica because he also picked it last year. 

For 2012 Roshann also sent us a J.B. Hunt, Intermodal Tractor/Trailer, SGT and a super sweet Chrome B&B Decorated 1:53 scale model.   We’ve said it before and it still holds true, our focus on details, bringing out models first and offering many of our replicas in more than one scale - makes it clear why we dominate the die cast truck replica market. And why we have long standing relationships with collectors like Roshann.