Skelton Truck Lines - 50 Years of Excellence


Larry Skelton founded his company in 1962; with the belief he could take one truck and build an exceptional company by offering safe, reliable, high quality service at a fair price. Now over 50 years later and with over 50 trucks serving 4 divisions, Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. is a growing - expanding operation.

In Sharon - Ontario, Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. owns a 12 acre state of the art secure facility.  This facility encompasses a 62,000 square foot qualified and mapped storage facility as well as a 3,000 square foot cross docking area that has both Maintenance and Sanitation Departments.

Skelton is a Green company.  The company has reduced their carbon foot print by continually investing in the most environmentally friendly technologies.  Skelton scrupulously cleans the returning fleet which puts this company at a standard above the rest.  Skelton’s trucks are spotless when they return to the road thus proving the pride they take in the fleet and assuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Adapted from  about skelton truck lines at http://www.skeltontruck.com/about-skelton-truck-lines.html