St. Germain in TPS and TON both a sweet treat ....


St Germain Express Inc

Founded in the spring of 2004, St Germain Express Inc involved Joe, Richard and Solange in their own trucking company. They stated working in their father's company (St-Germain Transport Ltd) while they were only kids and continued working in partnership with their Father until Roger Coderre retired in December of 2010.

After his retirement, the two companies merged and became St-Germain Express Inc.  All the employees of St-Germain Transport Ltd plus the fleet and the offices are re-branded under the name of St Germain Express Inc.

It is since January of 2011, that St-Germain Express Inc has provided all services previously offered by both companies; St-Germain Transport Ltd and St-Germain Express Inc. 

Together Joe, Richard and Solange bring more than 90 years of trucking experience and have occupied every position within their transportation company.


Adapted from http://www.st-germainexpress.com/company

In 2011 we posted the 1:53 TPS version of the St. Germain Truck as one of the year's most popular models, thanks to the strong recommendation of an outstandingly long time fan.  He wrote that this model was very sharp and front in center of his 1:53 collection.   This year we produced the St. Germain 367 with a Lowboy trailer in TON Brand 1:87 scale.   Another good looking model for 2013.