T680 Kenworth in 1/30 Scale... Executive Class

Tonkin Replicas T680 fleet includes this award winning Kenworth in 1/53 and 1/30 scale custom diecast models.  The 1/30 scale shows sweetly the high aerodynamics of the 1:1 Kenworth; such as the way in which the hood flows into the body, the large windshield with its dramatically increased sightline/visibility factor and the bejeweled highlights.  The T680 in 1/30 scale shows off our advance tooling that results in an advanced design.

A key feaure of this T-680 replica, which Tonkin Replicas is the only diecast company to incorporate into its replica, is the passenger seat that swivels around to a desk that unfolds from the rear cabinet and provides a mini in-cab office space.  One look is all it takes to know that Tonkin Relicas' Kenworth T-680 is built just right.