Thanksgiving Die -Cast Promotional Truck Shoot

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we are offering facebook fans this really sweet vintage Peterbilt Model 330 Medium duty replica in 1:53 scale.  We opened up the Tonkin Truck Vault and pulled out this little gem just for you!!! And it can be sent to you -- postage paid when you post a photo of one of your Tonkin Replica scale models out in the field--maybe playing a Turkey Day game of touch football, maybe going for a ride to a Thanksgiving Day meal, or maybe just hanging out watching some tv -- like the Tonkin Replica's good facebook fan - Tom and his TR Sprinter - 1:50 scale on our timeline.

That's right--- post a photo of one or more of your Tonkin Replicas scale models on our timeline and we will send you this sweet rare scale 1:53 PB--- Postage paid....

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving... we'll be back in the office on Monday.  Can't wait to see the photos....:)