TON Christmas Ornaments and Cherokee Freight Lines.

Cherokee Freight Lines provides a specialty line of trucking service with food grade equipment that includes kosher certified hauling.  In the beginning, Cherokee Freight Line transported winery- related products.  The company now transports a wide range of commodities using the most advanced level of washout facility located in Stockton California.   Cherokee Freight Lines uses several different units to haul their cargo such as exclusive use of pneumatic units to transport granulated sugar, double hulled stainless steel food grade tankers that ship wine and wine related products and certified tanks for alcoholic related spirits.

Cherokee Freight Lines runs 53” dry vans for their general hauling needs.  These 53” Dry Vans include air ride semis, both curtain and double vans.  The company serves major US companies with their fleet of environmentally designed trucks.

Adapted from Cherokee Freight Lines: You Call… We Haul found at http://www.gocfl.com/domains/gocfl/index.htm and http://www.gocfl.com/domains/gocfl/fgliq.htm   and http://www.gocfl.com/domains/gocfl/dry.htm