Trailer Skirts – innovative accessory for 1:87 and 1:64 scale model


Our Trailer skirt is based on ATDynamics Inc.’s innovative design.   ATDynamics Inc.’s trailer skirt is deigned to decrease rear wheel drag and so increase fuel mileage.  As you can see our trailer skirt consists of concave panels also made to collapse when the tractor trailer is at the loading dock; just like the original made by ATDynamics.   The  concave design makes this trailer skirt easy to install as an accessory for our 1:87 or 1:64 scale model replicas.  One glance at this little gem of an accessory is all you’ll need to see that Tonkin Replicas Trailer Skirt accessory for the 1:64 or 1:87 just looks right.

Watch this terrific video produced by ATDynamics explaining the trailer tail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R74VWaREeuk