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Tonkin Replicas' Vintage Poster -- Available !!! Get One Now!!!

Our Vintage Poster is now available to all who want one-- We'll send it to you and all you have to do is ask.....

Walking Floor Trailer - Moving Cargo Forward

Walking Floor Trailers are specialized trailers built to haul bulk commodities. The floor moves so the product can be unloaded off the back. The trailer is used in several industries from agricultural companies to grocery distributors to logging companies.

Skelton Truck Lines - 50 Years of Excellence


Larry Skelton founded his company in 1962; with the belief he could take one truck and build an exceptional company by offering safe, reliable, high quality service at a fair price. Now over 50 years later and with over 50 trucks serving 4 divisions, Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. is a growing - expanding operation.

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This in the latest news from the round table!  We have a new inventory site; please view our inventory at your leisure.

Possum Belly Trailers - West Coast Style Cargo Carriers


Moving products in the wood chip, logging and waste product industry relay on road transport to a large extent.  Selecting the correct vehicle is critical to an efficient and productive hauling operation.   Possum Belly Trailers are primarily used on the West Coast for these forms of transfer from one site to another. 

Kenworth T680 in Gold ... Awesome Design Taken to a New Level


We’ve said it before and it still holds true, Tonkin Replicas newest Kenworth T680 1:53 scale model shows all the high aerodynamic capacity of the awesome original KW Truck.  It’s all in the details from the way the hood flows into the body, to the large wind shield that provides a dramatically increased visibility and sight line, the way the driver’s side door opens, to the bejeweled highlights our latest replica has it all

Kenworth T680 - Aerodynamically Awesome


Let’s start with some features of our newest Kenworth T680 in 1:53 scale – the doors open to show the larger door opening that has improved the side visibility of the original T680.  Tonkin Replicas’ model T680 has jeweled headlights that display better forward and side lighting.  Our T680 demonstrates the panoramically aerodynamic windshield along with the side mirrors.  Just by viewing our latest 1:53 Kenworth T680 you’ll know it’s a winner.


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