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Kenworth T700 in 1:87 scale the leading edge of design


Tonkin Replicas’ Kenworth T700 in 1:87 scale is built with a sculpted exterior that displays the leading edge technology of the original.  A glance at our newest Kenworth T700 and you can see that our scale model replica’s advance tooling results in advanced design.  Our replica show the T700’s innovative bumper in addition to chassis fairings. We also have the maker lights of the T700.  Tonkin’s focus on details makes it clear why we dominates the die cast truck market

Meet our newest 1:87 Peterbilt 587


Meet our newest 1:87 Peterbilt 587 for 2012.  Tonkin draws on the extensive history of good design and excellence in engineering to reproduce the Peterbilt Model 587 in 1:87 scale.  We capture the 587’s front end design that directs air over and around the hood along with the innovative new forward lights that are allow for high visibility on the road. From the ground up, we are setting new industry standards for scale model replicas.  Our 1:87 Peterbilt exceeds all other scale model replicas in its attention to detail. 

1:87 scale Mack Pinnacles... in production... a thing of beauty....


A production photo of 1:87 scale Mack Pinnacles…  Lined up getting ready to print and assemble…  Tis the season…  Lots of 1:87 coming…  Yes these are indeed 1:87 Mack Pinnacles... Just in time for the holidays.... 

Possum Belly and Walking Floor Trailers in 1:53 scale mailers out soon!


New 1:53 scale Possum Belly and Walking Floor Trailers out soon… Custom Orders on Request … Cool 

CAT Factory in Piracicaba, São Paulo Brazil



One of the largest CAT factories in Brazil is located in Piracicaba; which is a city in São Paulo.  This factory has 6,000 workers.  It is one of the largest and most diversified CAT factories Caterpillar has. They make Motor Graders, Medium Wheel Loaders, Back Hoe Loaders, Compactors, Excavators, and Bulldozers here. That is a lot of equipment for one plant.

The The Coronado needs fuel....


The Coronado needs fuel, so here he is enjoying the local Guarana Kuat soda (with zero calories). Guarana packs more caffeine then coffee…  Kuat: In Brazil, drinks flavored with the guarana berry are a local favorite. In addition to touring one of the largest CAT dealers, visiting well-known Theatres and hanging out in the heart of the old city squares, we also wanted to know about local snacks.  We need some energy for tomorrow’s visit to one of the largest and most diversified CAT factories Caterpillar has anywhere—It is located in Piricicaba, Brazil. 

Coronado at the Teatro Municipal in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The Coronado not just a handsome replica but also highly cultured. Here visiting the well-known Teatro Municipal in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  In October the Mvnicipal at Theatro São Paulo will present two operas, a Quartet and the City Ballet.  We’d really like to see these performances but we’ll be home by then.

ATA Hosts Its Annual Convention for Trucking Leaders in Las Vegas


American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition will include discussions by Truck Industry leaders.  Leading ATA as chairman for the next year will be Mike Card, president of specialized and heavy-haul carrier Combined Transport Inc., Central Point, Ore. He is set to take over as chairman at the conclusion of the conference, succeeding Dan England, who is chairman of refrigerated truckload carrier C.R. England Inc

A Viper Red 1:87 TON series Coronado touring the Catedral da Se in the Centro district of Sao Paulo


The Caterdal de Se is a neo-Gothic church that lies in the Cathedral Square (Praca da Sé) in the heart of the old city. It is a major landmark.  Built in the early 1900s, the church features stained glass panels, bells ring to the tune of the national anthem each morning at 08:00 and then hourly throughout the afternoon and it has details like  delicately carved wooden beams. 

And the Viper Red 1:87 TON series Coronado?  Another example of classically beautiful engineering

Load One's Newest Van... Just Arrived ....


Well look what just arrived at our loading dock… it’s the newest Load One Vans.   These replicas are looking pretty sweet…  we couldn’t wait to share … so we have photos even before we could ship them out… They are just so darn cool looking and going to such a terrific company!  Don’t worry ‘cause we plan to get them out and on the way in a jiffy…. 


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