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Freightliner - At the Head of the Class


We produced this new Freightliner replica with new innovative details that show why we are at the head of the class…..

Weaver Brothers, Inc.: North to Alaska....


Weaver Bros., Inc. was founded in Oregon in 1946. Two brothers, Ken and Russ Weaver, brought their company to Valdez by Crowley barge in 1953. For the first couple of years they hauled asphalt during the summer, then drove their trucks back down the highway. In 1954 they bought a milk transport company in Fairbanks and began running Inland Riverway Barge Lines with one tug and one barge.

In 1955 the two brothers moved their main operations to Anchorage. By the mid-1970’s they had terminals in North Kenai, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez, and Seattle.


Exicting and New Replica Offer happening this coming Tuesday

Exicting and New Replica Offer happening this coming Tuesday, Sept 5th---- We haven't offered this before o stayed tuned...

Western Star Australia 4800 Series


Western Star Australia 4800 

We built this new Western Star Australia 4800 Series Replica with  features like a streamlined cab, set back axle and wheel base that gives the 4800 its mark of distinction.

Payment form for Awesomely Terrific 1:53 Labor Day 2012 Promotion


Awesomely Terrific 1:53  Promotion Credit Card Authorization Form – Tonkin Replicas, Inc.  Good August 31th 2012 to September 4th 2012    (Please read Provisos for complete dates of Promotion)


Credit Card Info

Credit Card Type:  Visa___ MC____Amex_____ Discover_____

Awesome Terrific 1:53 Promotion for Labor Day 2012


Awesomely Terrific 1:53 for Labor Day 2012 Promotion Good August 31th 2012 to September 4th 2012:  A Tonkin Replicas 1:53 – either Precision or Signature Series for $40.00 including handling/ shipping…

OK some provisos:

·      Tonkin Replicas will randomly select the replica that folks receive


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