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Memorial Day 2013 Paragraphs Coming Soon!!!

Folks' Memorial Day Paragraphs on why they buy Tonkin Replicas coming soon....

Pre - Order the 988k Wheel Loader

In 1963 Caterpiller brought out the 988k Wheel Loader.   Now in celebration of the 50th Anniversity of this hard working machine, Tonkin will launch a diecast model replica of the 988k.  Tonkin is focusing on this wheel loader to provide a solid foundation for our new construction line.  It's release in late Autumn of 2013 demonstrates our committment and drive to excellence to build the most popular and rugged construction equipment we can.  Folks can pre-order our 988k from dhscast.com

Memorial Day Promotion 2013

Write a paragraph on why you like/buy Tonkin Replicas’ diecast scale models and we will send you at no charge (includes shipping costs in US and Canada) a 1:87 of our choice and post the best responses on Facebook — Rules that apply: 1. Paragraphs will be submitted to elizabeth.archambault@tonkinreplicas.com 2. United States and Canada entries only will be postage and duties paid. 3. Paragraph entries from other Countries are eligible for a selected 1:87 but must pay for shipping/ duties on this promotion 4.

Early CAD of Tonkin Replicas’ Cat Model 988k

This was the early (not final) CAD that shows you how will build the Cat model 988k. Each color represents a different part. We're sure that most know that CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.  Using CAD rather than working from drawing we have reduced production time as any changes to the design we've created can be done much more quickly and efficiently.  Another important feature of our CAD design photo is the very professional - polished look.  It shows how the released 988k will appear when it is finished in production.

Tonkin Replicas will be at the 2013 Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas--

Bring Fleets and Trucking - Industry Professionals together at the Las Vegas' Sands Expo and Convention Center this May 30th - June 1st and you get an unparalleled conference featuring the Pride and Polish Beauty Competition, CTA sponsored seminars lead by heavy duty trucking leaders: Providing an exceptional opportunity to learn valuable steps to plan the most effective route through the hills and valley of doing business in the West.  Great West Truck Show is the major trucking convention annually in the Western Region of the US.

The Great West Truck Show--- We'll Be In Vegas----!!!1

The Great West Truck Show at Sands Expo Halls C & D May 30th - June 1st -- Las Vegas

Tonkin Replicas' Legency of Triple Trailers: Connecting to Future Lines


A couple months back, there was an interesting conversation on Tonkin Replicas’ (TR) Facebook about the use or lack of Triple Trailers on the road now days.  This conversation caused me to start thinking about whether Tonkin Replicas had built any Triple Trailer replicas.  Before I did any research into TR’s triple trailer legacy, I decided I needed to research the history of these mighty trailers.  One the first things, I found out is triple trailers can stretch up to 105 feet in length. 

Coming Soon !!! New Photos of Prototypes of Cat Models.....

Exicting... new annoucements and new photos of prototypes models coming... watch out... stay tuned..... 


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