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Tonkin Replicas' goal is to reach as many diecast model collectors that we can by offering them a replica with quality detail and great features at a fair price. Tonkin Replicas wants to present competitive pricing for the OEMs and their dealers, and for the end customer. We want every collector who owns our models to feel proud about them.

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Tonkin Replicas offers:

  • Flexible order quantity
  • Incentive program for large order
  • Customizing program
  • Global wholesale network
  • FOB Seattle, USA or Hong Kong, China



Email us at:


Seattle Headquarters
Phone:   206-542-6919
Fax:   206-546-7772



Phone:   514-246-9921
Fax:   206-546-7772



Phone:   +86-769-2242-6080
Fax:   +86-769-2242-6080